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Program with the power of words.

What is ByteSkript?

ByteSkript is a programming language designed for beginners that turns simple, readable code into an efficient and safe program for the JVM.

This allows programs to be compatible with all operating systems and hardware, and gives intermediate users access to the vast number of existing Java, Kotlin, Groovy and Scala libraries.

Source Code

function test: trigger: print "hello there" return null

Compiled Code

                                                        public static test() -> Object:
    ldc "hello there" // String
    invokestatic ExtractedSyntaxCalls.print(Object) -> void
    aconst_null // null



Use words you understand.

ByteSkript abandons obscure symbols in preference of clear English words, called syntax.

Understand what unfamiliar code does just by reading it. All syntax is self-explanatory.



Create exceptional programs.

Design your own functions and syntax, making use of ByteSkript's safe access to simultaneous processing.

Tasks that are scary, complicated or dangerous in other languages are made simple by ByteSkript.



Grow beyond the language.

Design your own structures and data-types to suit your needs.

You are not limited by syntax. Integrate your code seamlessly with other JVM languages like Java.

ByteSkript is designed to hold your hand as you get started, but never to limit your ingenuity.



Mix and match.

Use supported third-party libraries to attach your program to external applications and languages, expanding your possibilities.

You can even integrate ByteSkript into your own application, either as a scripting system for users or as a way to allow add-ons and modification.

Focus on ByteSkript.

Get a distraction-free introduction to the core features. Learn about the basic principles with a step-by-step guide, so that you can apply them directly to your project.


Variables are containers for your program to store data.



Functions are re-usable code triggers that can be accessed from other files.



Threads are independent processes that can run simultaneously.



Types are user-designed object structures that have their own properties.